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Job Dispatch 2.2 Released

We are happyJD icon to announce that new release of Sygic Job Dispatch is available. Latest development introduced important fixes, improvements and some new features we hope might be useful for your business.
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What’s new in Sygic GPS Navigation for Android


We’re celebrating the arrival of next generation Sygic app for Android by bringing you the improved version 14.7. This latest release supports standout features such as Travelbook or Navigate to photo.  Discover the new SOS widget, manage widgets in menu, plan routes and find locations comfortably with search accessible even when a route is planned and enjoy improved GPS coordinate entry.
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5 great new features in Sygic GPS Navigation for iOS

nahlad_150x99Version 14.6. of Sygic GPS Navigation for iOS has arrived! Whether it’s the brand new Work location widget, the Navigate to photo, or being able to start recording BlackBox videos automatically when you launch the app – we’ve packed in a bunch of brand new improvements that are available right now for your iPhone and iPad. Continue reading for the complete low-down.
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