Sygic employees made selfie video with iPhone 5S

Family obrázokA few times per year we have an event at Sygic called Innovation Day. Since one of our core values is “Innovation” itself, we dedicate 24 hours once every 4 months to work on whatever we believe is innovative that will move our company forward for a whole day and night- literally :).

My colleague, the product manager of the Family GPS Tracker app, and I were thinking for a couple of days about how we could use this time to help make our product better, bring it closer to its audience, make it more user friendly, and most importantly, that these improvements will cost us nothing.

We realized all the developers were booked already and that it would take us more than 24 hours to learn programming :), so we couldn’t make our product better by developing any new features, or by enhancing existing ones.

But what we did have were two more creative heads, which made four people really excited about doing something awesome. We just needed to figure out what it would be.

Making the locator app more visible and bringing it closer to its audience was the mission we decided to fulfill. We decided that the best way to achieve this in a manner that would cost us almost nothing was by making a short video. We could not have wished for nicer and sunnier spring weather on the day of filming. We decided to show the world how Sygic Family – the four of us :) – could use Family GPS Tracker app to meet, chat together and enjoy a great day full of beautiful moments in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.

Family GPS Tracker is about keeping your family members and loved ones safe. It is about knowing where they are, sharing tender moments, and keeping in touch with them.

Most importantly, Family GPS Tracker keeps your family connected and is useful in your everyday life. It lets you know your kids’ location, and you can check up on them to see if they got to school, dance class or football practice ok. And in case your children go into dangerous areas or you lose them in a crowded place, Family GPS Tracker is there to help. The locator app keeps you connected – in good times and in bad times.

Enjoy watching this video made by us, Sygic Family, and please let us know your feedback :).


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By Katarína Halušková

Communication Specialist