Family Locator – A fresh new look, great UI & more!

signin-about-ikona-iphoneThe last few weeks have been super busy for our Family Locator app team. We decided to bring you a new native version of the app that contains a beautiful and fresh design with a user interface that is so intuitive, it will let you use the app even with your eyes closed.

OK, just kidding, you will have to keep at least one eye open, but the truth is that the sleek new user interface allows you to stay in touch with your loved ones easier and faster than ever before.

As I already mentioned before, we gave Family Locator a cool fresh look. We really hope you will like the new icon and app designs as much as we do.  We also have improved setting up the zone alerts so that they notify you whenever one of your kids leaves a pre-established zone. So now it’s a piece of cake for you to create Safe and Danger Zones, and be notified whenever your kids enter or leave certain areas. With the new version, you can send free messages to your family members directly from the main screen of the app.


Moreover, we enhanced the premium Location History feature, which is available as an in-app purchase, so that you can not only see the location points, but also the movements of all family members during the past 7 days. Seeing the exact route your kids have taken allows you to be ready to help your children in case of an emergency.

Our goal is to help you stay in touch with your family and keep your loved ones safe in an easy and comfortable way. So please let us know if we are doing it right.

P.S. – if you like the new native version of our Family Locator app, please leave us a nice review :-)


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By Katarina Haluskova

Communication Specialist


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