Sygic Business Solutions product overview 7/2014

03_SBS_logo_96dpiWe are constantly working on improving our products for companies and developing new ones. Below you can find an update about our available products and new features.

Latest releases and developments

Job Dispatch

New available API for Sygic Job Dispatch allows dispatching your jobs to field workers directly from your own system without need to use JD web interface.  You can also use API to connect Job dispatch to your 3rd party management system (optimization tool, planning tool,…)

Main API Functions:

  • Create and assign jobs to selected drivers
    • Get status of a job
    • Get drivers location


Some of other new functions available also via API:

  • Jobs Template – allows to save often repeated jobs
  • Autoassign – Autoassign to closest driver
  • Autodecline – automatically decline job, if driver is not accepting for set period of time. In combination with Autoassign function Job Dispatch automatically send job to next best possible driver to accept the job.
  • Address rule – If the driver is not at the location of the job, Job Dispatch won’t allow to report Job Done.

Sygic Truck Navigation (3D version) – NA maps and Bus-related routing

Latest development of Sygic Truck Navigation focused on expanding available regions and routing options for vehicles accounting to special restrictions:

  • New available maps of USA, Canada and Mexico (North American region)
  • Bus related routing restrictions
  • RVs related routing restrictions with related POIs database
  • Bug fixes

To find out more, please contact your sales representative or fill out the form on our web page.

Next releases and developments

Sygic Taxi Navigation (3D version) – NA maps

Sygic Taxi Navigation software will be soon available in North American region.

To find out more, please contact your sales representative or fill out the form on our web page.

Available Professional Navigation Products

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  • emil says:

    You need to give the driver the option to corect the maps in real time. For instance in UK when I drive through the cities there are a lot of low bridges and weigh limit roads that are not on sygic maps.

    Thank you

  • N/A says:

    Nice overview! Thank you.

  • Frank says:


    I am from the Netherlands and have been looking for a place on the website where to put in my comments about any wrong/old data on a map. I could not find it easily.

    So where can I give an input about lets say a fuel station that does not exist anymore?

    Texaco, Zeelandse dijk 14/11A Uden , the Netherlands does not exist anymore.

    Hope to have helped you.

  • satchief says:

    J’ai acheté la licence de navigation de la voiture.
    me donne le message d’erreur
    «Refuser l’accès à la carte SD”
    et je n’ouvre pas plus la carte ???
    pourquoi ???

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