Business Solutions

No fleet manager can afford to ignore professional navigation

If you are taking care of a fleet of vehicles, last few years you were talking mostly about cutting cost, growing productivity and improving operative efficiency. Well, welcome to 2014 and guess what?
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Sygic business products overview

We are constantly working on improving our products and developing new ones. Below you can find an updated list of our available products and their features.
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Navigating Business in grey seas of fleet management market

So, how to compete on bases other than price? Easy to say, we need to provide differentiators that your clients will pay for, and in which they have confidence. In our market of highly customizable technological solutions where many subcontractors contribute, it means ability to choose those that are able to differentiate your solution from the competition. Simply put, it`s all about proper partnership.Today’s markets environment is increasingly crowded, noisy, and worst of all “commoditized”. Also complex fleet and workforce mobility solutions are becoming less distinguishable in terms of attributes and end up becoming simple commodities in the eyes of clients. We all assist the movement of market towards undifferentiated price competition.
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