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Major trends in fleet navigation

Fleet management solutions are migrating towards more simple and more flexible platforms like Android. Use of tablets and smartphones within fleet software solutions is growing and navigation is becoming an important resource for information about drivers’ behavior or issues that can be met on the road.
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The fun side to GPS

For the most part GPS navigation is serious business, but every now and then a quirky use for the technology appears in the news. Here are some of my favorites.
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The future of the cars and wearables

Welcome to the first of our InTech journals. Each month we’ll bring you the most exciting news from technology, navigation, apps, business and many more. Feel free to leave a comment and in case we missed something important, don’t be shy to share it with us. This month we’re bringing you an overview of the most interesting news from CES 2014 and Q4 earnings of some of the most important technology companies.
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